How to Block Websites & Stop Downloading Using Proxy

This example will explain you “How to Block Web Sites” & “How to Stop Downloading”. I have use Web-Proxy test Package.

First, Configure Proxy.

/ip proxy
enabled: yes
port: 8080
cache-drive: system
cache-administrator: "webmaster"
max-disk-cache-size: none
max-ram-cache-size: none
cache-only-on-disk: no
maximal-client-connections: 1000
maximal-server-connections: 1000
max-object-size: 512KiB
max-fresh-time: 3d

Now, Make it Transparent

/ip firewall nat
chain=dstnat protocol=tcp dst-port=80 action=redirect to-ports=8080

Make sure that your proxy is NOT a Open Proxy

/ip firewall filter
chain=input in-interface=<Your WAN Port> src-address= protocol=tcp dst-port=8080 action=drop

Now for Blocking Websites

/ip proxy access action=deny

It will block website, We can always block the same for different networks by giving src-address. It will block for particular source address.

We can also stop downloading files like.mp3, .exe, .dat, .avi,…etc.

/ip proxy access
path=*.exe action=deny 
path=*.mp3 action=deny 
path=*.zip action=deny 
path=*.rar action=deny.

Try with this also

/ip proxy access
dst-host=:mail action=deny

This will block all the websites contain word “mail” in url.

Example: It will block,,



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  1. thank u very much, but how can i know my ?????!!!!!

  2. assalamualaikum pa
    pa saya kangen tugas dari bapak

  3. dah lama ga ngerjain tgas bapak


  4. pa pengen nyobain ngeblok website pke proxy… Nnti ya pa pas praktek ajarin…

  5. pa slain bwat ngbloking fungsi proxy teh bwat apalagi pa

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