Makasih Squid ….

Alhamdulillah .. atas bantuan squid …. akselerasi internet bisa di atur … saya bersukur banget .. kemarin nemuin setingan delay pools .. yang ada di squid so sekarang proxy aye make squid .. ini nech scriptnya .. gampang banget tingal copy paste ajah …


#Every option in this file is very well documented in the original squid.conf file

#and on


#The ports our Squid will listen on

http_port 8080

icp_port 3130

#cgi-bins will not be cached

acl QUERY urlpath_regex cgi-bin \?

no_cache deny QUERY

#Memory the Squid will use. Well, Squid will use far more than that.

cache_mem 16 MB

#250 means that Squid will use 250 megabytes of disk space

cache_dir ufs /cache 250 16 256

redirect_rewrites_host_header off

cache_replacement_policy GDSF

acl localnet src

acl localhost src

acl Safe_ports port 80 443 210 119 70 20 21 1025-65535


acl all src

http_access allow localnet

http_access allow localhost

http_access deny !Safe_ports

http_access deny CONNECT

http_access deny all

maximum_object_size 3000 KB

store_avg_object_size 50 KB

#all our LAN users will be seen by external servers

#as if they all use Mozilla on Linux 🙂

anonymize_headers deny User-Agent

fake_user_agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux 2.4.4 i686)

#To make our connection even faster, we put a line similar

#to the one below. Don’t forget to change the server to your closest!

#Measure pings, traceroutes and so on.

#Make sure that http and icp ports are correct

#cache_peer parent 8080 3130 no-digest default

#This is useful when we want to use the Cache Manager

#copy cachemgr.cgi to cgi-bin of your www server

cache_mgr your@email

cachemgr_passwd secret_password all

#This is a name of a user our Squid will work as

cache_effective_user squid

cache_effective_group squid

log_icp_queries off

buffered_logs on


#This is the most important part for shaping incoming traffic with Squid

#For detailed description see squid.conf file or docs at

#We don’t want to limit downloads on our local network

acl magic_words1 url_regex -i 192.168

#We want to limit downloads of these type of files

#Put this all in one line

acl magic_words2 url_regex -i ftp .exe .mp3 .vqf .tar.gz .gz .rpm .zip .rar .avi .mpeg .mpe .mpg .qt

.ram .rm .iso .raw .wav

#We don’t block .html, .gif, .jpg and similar files, because they

#generally don’t consume much bandwidth

#We have two different delay_pools

delay_pools 2

#First delay pool

#W don’t want to delay our local traffic

#There are three pool classes; here we will deal only with the second

delay_class 1 2

#-1/-1 mean that there are no limits

delay_parameters 1 -1/-1 -1/-1

#magic_words1: 192.168

delay_access 1 allow magic_words1

#Second delay pool

#we want to delay downloading files mentioned in magic_words2

delay_class 2 2

#The numbers here are values in bytes;

#we must remember that Squid doesn’t consider start/stop bits

#5000/150000 are values for the whole network

#5000/120000 are values for the single IP

#after downloaded files exceed about 150000 bytes,

#(or even twice or three times as much)

#they will continue to download at about 5000 bytes/s

delay_parameters 2 5000/150000 5000/120000

delay_access 2 allow magic_words2


Setelah squid dikonfigurasikan

script delay_parameters 2 5000/150000 5000/120000 menandakan kecepatan minimun yang bisa di dapat dalam download adalah 5000Byte dan bila kosong bisa 120KByte makanye gw seneng banget dengan gini orang yang download yang berextensi di atas bisa di tekan kecepatannya menjadi 5KByte so hai yag suka browsing doank jangan takut untuk kehilangan koneksi nya … aye jamin aman aman sajah 😀


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  1. hahaha, awas lo di akalin pelanggan. gampang ngakalinnya tinggal file di save as ganti ekstensi nya jadi gif ato html ato txt, jadi ga ke bates deh. huahuahuahuahua 🙂

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